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Road Risk Prevention

For more than 20 years, we have developed real know-how concerning the development of Road Risk Prevention Plans (PPRR) but also awareness and training on these issues. We are convinced that prevention is a major focus in our desire to further reduce the risk of accidents and related costs for our customers.

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We offer tailor-made Road Risk Prevention programs, dedicated to companies of all sizes and adapted to all budgets. In addition, we have been able to evolve and adapt in 2020, by developing a whole specific remote offer. Our entire team is available and at your disposal to help you reduce your automobile risk.


Book of Road Risk Prevention 2022

Even today nearly half of fatal accidents at work are road accidents. Faced with this observation, we help you take action thanks to tailor-made road risk prevention offers: - Awareness and training in "face-to-face" or "remote" - Continuous improvement of your teams (post-accident debriefs, provision of e-learning modules, communications to drivers) - New personalized workshops by sector of activity or type of vehicle (light vehicles, utility vehicles, machinery, etc.) We are proud to present to you all of your new Qualiopi-certified Road Risk Prevention support offer, which we invite you to download.

Did you know …?

Road risk in the professional world is the leading cause of death at work. Nearly one out of two accidents occurs during a mission or home/work journey.

In addition to reducing risky driving behavior, preventive action meets the manager's obligation to inform his employees about occupational risks.

Our offer

Privileged partner of Efficience Prévention, a Qualiopi certified organization, Qualiopi, we are consolidating our presence with our customers in the Automotive Fleet insurance branch by managing these risks both upstream, during the claim and downstream from it. The offer is therefore structured around 3 poles:

  • advice: support for the development of the Road Risk Prevention Plan
  • training: awareness workshops and training to acquire the right reflexes or deepen your knowledge continuous
  • improvement: post-accident analysis and e-learning


It is unique: analyze your loss experience and the travel environment as a whole, identify the risks precisely, classify them, make tailor-made recommendations and then deploy the recommended actions.

We build tailor-made solutions, adapted to each organization, to each type of automobile risk, to each travel policy, to each driver population. Our entire offer is adaptable and customizable: training programs, locations (metropolitan France), digital media, driving practices and communications to drivers.

If you would like to discuss the specific requirements of your business with our specialists, please contact us here.