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Understanding your major challenges, identifying your risk profile, finding the right Prevention – Retention – Insurance mix, managing your claims below and beyond the deductible, providing you with qualified data, this is what we do on a daily basis. at the service of our customers. Thanks to our multi-specialist approach, we are able to offer you effective solutions perfectly adapted to your needs and activities.

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At the heart of our service offering are:

  • a team of insurance experts who advise you on a daily basis and manage your contracts as well as your claims
  • an Extranet with all your data/documents accessible at any time
  • an Extranet with all your data/documents accessible at any time

A team of P&C insurance experts* to defend your interests

Our team is made up of different profiles, each bringing added value to the team dedicated to you and orchestrated by your privileged interlocutor, your Account Manager:

  • Consultant / Account Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Compensation Officer
  • Preventionist Engineer


We also know how to surround ourselves with our external partners such as insurance experts or specialized law firms.


* P&C = this includes all insurance that covers the assets and activity of a company, as opposed to LIFE insurance that protects people

An Extranet tool for transparent management

We have always invested a lot to offer its customers high-performance tools.

Our Extranet meets several objectives:

  • Our Extranet meets several objectives:
  • Availability of your Data / Documents at all times
  • Transparency of our action

For the sake of total transparencyall your contractual documents as well as all the data present on your Extranet (policies, history of claims, invoices, reports, etc.) are downloadable and exportable at any time.

Also, we make available on this Extranet all the actions we carry out during the year on your contracts or claims.

Selected international partners

Afin de vous accompagner dans votre expansion internationale, nous sommes en capacité de mobiliser à tout moment nos courtiers partenaires, membres des réseaux WBN et WING.


Each of these brokers are successful in their local market, independent and multi-specialist.

They have in-depth knowledge of the specificities of insurance, regulations, the cultural and economic environment of each of their markets.

Unlike the so-called Integrated networks of major international brokers:

  • Unlike the so-called Integrated networks of major international brokers:
  • all partners are mutually accountable to each other through a 360° annual peer review

WBN, the 1st network of independent brokers in the world

This is also :
112 partner brokers
101 countries represented
500 offices
15 000 professionnal

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