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We know how strategic the insurance of your car fleet is with a budget that represents one of the most important items in your P&L. Although this insurance is compulsory, very few insurers want to cover this risk. Faced with these challenges, we have built a tailor-made insurance contract adapted to all your constraints with our HRA product.

13 years

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With our specialized HRA product for rental companies, we bring you visibility and peace of mind so that you can focus on your business.


The main principles of our product are:

  • Pooling of bodily risks/natural events to protect you from increases from insurers in the event of a serious disaster
  • Customization of your tariff thanks to the rate on turnover which is specific to each lessor and thanks to the creation of a franchise account per lessor
  • Monthly invoicing to follow your seasonality and protect your cash flow,
  • Change in your turnover rate every 6 months based on your frequency of at-fault accidents with third parties
What you must remember
  • Anything not consumed is returned to you.
  • You pay the fair price for your frequency risk

And as for the management of any car fleet at Théorème, you will benefit from:

  • a dedicated production and claims team that can be reached directly by email and telephone,
  • a production and claims management extranet to give you total autonomy in your fleet management
  • optimized and automated exchanges of information


the satisfaction rate of our customers each year since 2007

If you would like to discuss the specific requirements of your business with our specialists, please contact us here.