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Large Vehicle Fleet Management

Established in the field of vehicle fleet insurance for many years, we specialise in the management of "large" vehicle fleets. Our experience and expertise mean that we can put together a tailor-made package to optimise your insurance budget. Our continuously evolving tools provide you with global oversight while maintaining decentralised management.

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Assessment and analysis of needs

Our job involves analysing your technical risk and then examining your operating procedures.

These two steps are essential and complement each other.

  1. We assess the full cost of your fleet's claims history and advise you on the financial trade-off between transferring risks to insurers and self-insurance. This enables us to establish precise specifications that will give the insurer a better understanding of the risk he will be quoting. We provide you with all the results and make our recommendations.
  2. The understanding your organisation and your needs . We get to the heart of your organisation in order to work with you on the creation of a fully customised solution that ensures insofar as possible that the focus remains on your drivers and fleet managers. We provide you with global oversight thanks to reliable and consistent data.
Our recommendations

In order to ensure that your insurance budget is optimised, different solutions can be put in place depending on the size of your fleet and the number of claims incurred:

  • Self-insurance: you decide to assume part of the risk associated with your vehicle fleet. For example, all glass breakage claims or all claims where the cost of repairs is less than €5,000.
  • Retention: on average, the amount of insurance tax on a vehicle fleet policy is 25%. A retention scheme allows you to avoid having to pay this tax on a portion of your insurance costs, since this amount is considered a provision for claims payments and not an insurance premium.

Théorème in day-to-day business

Other mechanisms exist, such as liability, stop or stop loss excess. To find out more about this or the best financial package for your fleet, contact us here.

With 220,000 vehicles under management, we can provide you with comparisons with similar fleets, both in terms of size and sector. We can provide you with contact details for some of our clients so that you can hear what they have to say.


We propose that part of our fee be calculated according to the achievement of certain simple and specific KPIs which we establish together (performance indicators such as the time taken to open a claim, response rates, the sending of reports, the exercise of rights of recourse, etc.).

Custom and comprehensive management

We work with you to develop a tailor-made management strategy strategy that is ideally suited to your organisation and your communication objectives. This involves understanding your organisational structure and your partners (fleet management software, leasing companies, garage networks) in order to optimise inventory management. This strategy is integrated into our business tool to ensure a smooth claims management process where each stage of the claim is tracked and any missing document is automatically sent back to us until the file is closed.

Some examples from day-to-day business

  • EDI (electronic data interchange) to increase productivity in the daily management of your fleet. Our partners in this regard include Gac Technologie, Phoenix, etc.
  • Lower repair costs thanks to our agreements with the ADEdraFive StarCarglass et France Pare-Brise garage networks, to which we direct your drivers to reduce the cost of your insured or self-insured claims.

Information output

The employees you designate have 24/7 access to our extranetfor registering fleets and claims. The processes are standardised and uniform, which leads to reduced data entry errors and a better understanding of the data.

You thus have access to your entire claims history, with a list of the management tasks carried out by Théorème and the necessary documents to substantiate the repairs paid for.

This data is accessible 24/7 and can be exported to Excel. In addition to providing this information on claims, we regularly send you personalised reports that allow you to see trends in your claims history and take corrective action if necessary.

To find out more: our digital tools

- Our Extranet allows you to carry out all your daily administrative tasks independently and gives you access to all your fleet data in real time.

- MyThéoCar, a mobile site that allows drivers to declare an accident and carry out remote assessments of their vehicles.

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