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Established in the field of vehicle fleet insurance for more than 30 years, we provide you with our technical expertise in order to manage your risk under the best market terms and conditions, and to handle the operational aspects of your management tasks.

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Economic report

For the second year in a row, insurers are planning to increase the price of fleet insurance policies despite a combined ratio for the sector (individuals and companies) that broke even for the first time in over ten years. There is a certain inconsistency here: how can insurers increase premiums when they made a profit in 2020?

What is vehicle fleet insurance?

First of all, it is important to know that you can take out a vehicle fleet insurance policy when there are at least five vehicles in the fleet.

When we talk about vehicle insurance, we need to make a distinction between:

Compulsory insurance  

L’article L211-1 and seq. of the French Insurance Code specifies that liability cover - otherwise known as third party insurance - is compulsory for any owner of a motorised land vehicle (MLV).

This includes cars, construction equipment, motorbikes, scooters, forklifts, trailers and semi-trailers, even if not coupled.

In the event of an accident, this cover means the victim can be compensated for the damage he or she has suffered. This may involve personal injury (broken leg, whiplash, etc.) or property damage (dented bumper, damaged fence, etc.).

This compulsory insurance does not include damage to the vehicle of the driver responsible for the accident or their personal injuries.

In order to be compensated, you need to take out additional cover in the policy.

Good to know

The driver is never covered by compulsory insurance, only the passengers of the vehicle and the external persons are entitled to compensation.

Optional insurance  

Should you wish to have increased cover in the event of a claim, you have the option of taking out additional cover:

  • Damage cover - commonly known as "All Risks" or "Casco" covers risks such as: theft, fire, natural disasters, natural events, damage without third parties.
  • Glass breakage covers all glazed parts of a vehicle (windscreen, mirrors, rear window, sunroof, etc.).
  • Financial losses for vehicles taken out on long-term leases (LTL) or leases with option to buy (LWOB). This cover will ensure that you are compensated up to the amount of the "outstanding balance" claimed by the rental company in the event of total loss of the vehicle (theft, fire or beyond economical repair).
  • Personal effects and objects the driver's personal effects are covered in the event of theft of items such as leatherwork, luggage, keys, etc.(Electronic equipment such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets are generally excluded).
  • Professional equipment cover for equipment intended for professional use (professional laptop, tools, etc.).
  • Driver's insurance compensates for bodily injury suffered by the driver in addition to Social Security and any cover taken out such as supplementary health, pension, accidental death or life insurance.
  • Technical and personal assistance breakdown service and towing of the vehicle, assistance to the driver and their passengers (provision of a taxi to return home or a hotel room if travelling).
  • Replacement vehicle provision of a vehicle in the event of breakdown, damage or total loss of the insured vehicle.
The difference between a natural disaster and a natural event

Natural events correspond to the actions of the forces of nature (flooding, storms, etc.). They can be covered in the vehicle fleet policy with an excess provided for in the policy.

La catastrophe naturelle est un évènement naturel ayant pour cause l’intensité anormale d’un agent naturel. L’assurance catastrophe naturelle est obligatoire dès qu’une garantie dommage aux véhicules (vol, incendie, dommage tous accidents) est souscrite. Elle intervient au-delà d’une franchise légale fixée à 380€ en 2022. Cette garantie est mise en jeu après publication au Journal officiel d’un arrêté interministériel constatant un état de catastrophe naturelle.


Our recommendations

Take out a policy which provides technical assistance, personal assistance and a replacement vehicle directly with a roadside assistance company. This will enable you to bypass intermediaries (rental companies, insurance companies) and thus get quicker responses and optimise costs. As these covers are all optional, whether or not you should take them out depends on the size of your fleet and your ability/desire to self-insure. For large fleets, specific solutions can be explored in order to optimise the overall insurance budget. To find out more, visit our Large Vehicle Fleet page.

Our support

Our role as managers is to understand and adapt ourselves to your organisation so that these administrative processes run smoothly at all levels of your business.

This customised approach means that we can manage your business from a local perspective, tailored to the needs of your end users, and provide global oversight using reliable data that is consistent from one subsidiary to the next, from one year to the next. This is the service that we can provide with our Extranet.

There are as many operating methods as there are technical set-ups chosen, as many processes as there are company structures. It is this capacity for customisationthe cornerstone of an effective, well-managed and carefully supervised vehicle fleet scheme that we have developed and that we can provide you with.


The main stages of the support we provide:

  1. Audit of your fleet, your claims history and your cover
  2. Proposal of a suitable and optimised insurance package
  3. Proposal of a Road Risk Prevention Plan (link to page)
  4. Call for tenders from insurance companies to get the best terms/rates
  5. Selection of the insurer and negotiation of the terms
  6. Deployment of the scheme and support in setting up


We work with you to create a fully customised solution that ensures management is tailored to the needs of your drivers and careful supervision thanks to reliable and accessible data.

We help all our clients to identify and understand the issues related to their vehicle fleet in order to optimise the financial and organisational aspects of this risk over time.


Day-to-day management of your vehicle fleet

This is crucial to your satisfaction because it addresses a significant day-to-day operational need that has to be perfectly executed :

  • Application for insurance certificates
  • Accompanied driving certificate
  • Insurance claim and repair follow-up
  • Reports on the progress of cases and your claims history
  • Monitoring of fixed assets...


de parc assuré en France

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Our services are organised around two main areas :

  • A team assigned to your fleet, with each member identified and reachable on their direct telephone number and personal e-mail address.
  • Digital tools tailored to your organisation.

The Extranet




Vehicle fleet premiums are subject to an average of 25% insurance tax:

  • 35% on liability cover
  • 18% on damage cover

So that you can save on your insurance costs, we offer you a fee-based payment structure which is not subject to non-refundable insurance taxes.

This also provides you with total transparency with regard to our fees and independence when it comes to negotiating the amount of your insurance premiums with the companies.


If you would like to find out what cover is most suitable for your vehicle fleet, or discuss and assess your particular needs, request a call back from one of our experts here.