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Homeoffice, data circulation, outsourcing, computer programming, client relations... Nowadays, all businesses operate using data flows linked to information technologies. Thus, whatever its size, with the exponential growth of digital exchanges, any business is vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

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What are the consequences of a cyber-incident?

Whether accidental (human error) or intentional (cyber-attack), a cyber-incident can have a significant and multi-faceted impact on a business:

  • Impaired system performance
  • Temporary unavailability of IT resources
  • Destruction, alteration, manipulation of software or data
  • Industrial cyber espionage
  • Loss of data with or without attempted extortion
  • Disclosure of confidential data

Some examples of sensitive data:

  • Financial and strategic data
  • Banking data
  • Intellectual property
  • Trade secrets
  • Medical data
  • Client and employee data

What does a "cyber" policy cover?

A basic policy covers the following, with varying limits and deductibles depending on the insurer:

  • Consequential financial losses
  • Third-party liability
  • Legal costs
  • Crisis communication costs
  • Expenses relating to system restoration

Optional or even high-end cover, with unique and customised policies, is also offered by insurers.

Faced with this multi-faceted risk, with unpredictable consequences and with different types of cover available on the market, Théorème can help you.

What if it were you ?

Bouygues Construction, Renault, Saint-Gobain, AP-HP, M6, MMA... The question is no longer against whom, but rather when will an attack occur?

Although we often hear about attacks on large groups, cyber incidents affect all business sectors regardless of the size of the company.