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Understanding your main needs, your corporate strategy, your economic constraints, and your social and trade union situation enables us to work with you in creating complementary social protection schemes that are perfectly suited to your needs and to oversee them over the long term. We work with you and our partners to address your QWL issues, absenteeism and the additional services you would like to integrate into your social strategy.

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In a complex and constantly evolving environment, we offer you tailor-made and operational schemes in line with your objectives.

We work hand in hand with you on revising the health, welfare and deferred compensation (pension and employee savings) schemes for your employees and directors.

We will oversee your schemes, providing clear added value at all stages

Our goal: to protect and satisfy your employees and their families, to enhance the value of your schemes and provide legal security, and to optimise your budgets.

Our method



  • Understanding your economic and social concerns
  • Study of the existing situation
  • Assessment of your needs


  • Construction of a tailor-made scheme
  • Proposal for the reconfiguration of cover and/or contribution structures
  • Selection of the best providers


  • Negotiation with insurance companies and managers
  • Supporting management in their social protection policy
  • Training and educational approach in discussions with employee representatives/unions


  • Summary of the rules regarding legal formalities and implementation
  • Proposal of models of unilateral employer decisions (DUE in the French acronym) or collective agreements
  • Monitoring of regulatory developments and assistance regarding these developments


  • Management of contracts
  • HR and employee communication kits
  • Monitoring implementation


  • Setting up reporting tools
  • Implementation review
  • Verification and supervision of contractual documents

Trusted and long-standing partners to ensure comprehensive support for our clients on a daily basis


Developing social security schemes

After carrying out a technical, legal and financial audit of the existing schemes, we outline the structure of schemes appropriate to your needs, in consultation with you, and occasionally with employee representatives/unions, in accordance with legislation and case law. The system put in place is reliable in all respects and welcomed by employees.

Calling for tenders from insurance companies

We look for the most suitable insurer according to your needs among the three categories of complementary social protection (companies - pension institutions - mutuals).

Our expertise in employment law and actuarial science and our ongoing monitoring of developments in insurance markets ensure that our tendering process is effective.

Benefits management

We select the best medical expense management service providers and monitor the quality and relevance of the statistics.

Statistical monitoring and periodic analysis of the results are an integral part of our service.

We audit the calculation of provisions and analyse and assess insurers' profit and loss accounts.

A team of experts within an ecosystem of recognised partners

We work with our internal experts (consultants, lawyers, actuaries, etc.) but also with our external partners:

  • a law firm
  • a firm specialising in Quality of Working Life
  • insurers and managers


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