Our Values

Our Values

Théorème : Managing your risks

Brokers are most often criticised for their lack of involvement, insufficient advice, and sloppy programme management.
It is not Théorème’s case.
More inventive, more involved, more complete, our conception of our job is perfectly applicable to the clients needs.
Versatility, personnalisation of the contacts and analysis, research on the best markets, prevention, training, information, transparency, these are the objectives Théorèmes’ employees are following, because of their experience and strong ethic.

Théorème : Consistent innovation

You evolve, we evolve. You innovate, we innovate. Not after but at the same time. Together with you, we will continuously examine the development and performance of your business in order to build into it the financial consequences of your current and future risk exposures.

At Théorème, each and every one closely follows the evolution of the market while deepening their knowledge of his or her specific area of expertise.
This learning process allows us to ensure that we are at the forefront of innovation by creating new products and solutions, making procedures simpler, harmonising the analytical approach while increasing the effectiveness and the productivity of the team.

By anticipating the evolution of the risks, their management and the development of the insurance market, we are able to explore for you the right solutions. But isn’t anticipation natural for our business?

Théorème : Managing your risks: a know-how to be shared.

Better management of your risks implies that we speak the same language. At Théorème, we believe that the dialogue with our clients should be the one of equals and not one of a specialist against a non-specialist.

We feel it’s more comfortable and efficient.

Trained by Théorème in the risk management techniques, you will be in a better position to define your needs and to assess our solutions for their true value.

Théorème : Rigour leads to trust.

A good insurance broker must have the ability to analyse, arbitrate and manage pro-actively. This is Théorème’s theorem.
It applies to the criteria of our recruitment and selection process: brokers capable to face the challenges of our business through their hands-on experience and educational background.