Our Organisation

Our Organisation

Account Executive

His role :

The account executive is the linchpin in the relationship between Théorème and its client. With proven professional expertise and knowledge of various business sectors, the Account Executive brings together the necessary internal as well as external know-how and ensures that the service provided is of the highest quality.

Departement Manager

His job :

The departement manager has an in-depth knowledge of their fields and relevant insurance providers: he participates in risk specification, market placement and claims management process. The departement manager are fully committed to the principles of transparency, accountability, open dialogue and clarity.

Account and claims manager

Their roles :

The account and claims manager are in direct contact with the administrative or accounting services of their clients. Providing technical support in their specific areas, they are responsible for the day-to-day follow-up of policies as well as the claims management process.


Their jobs :

The consultants whose proven expertise in risk management techniques are employed to listen and propose solutions to mitigate your risk exposure and ultimately your total cost of risk.

Information Softwares

Our tools :

Our information softwares play a key role in our organisation. Our system is regularly upgraded, performance and security being a number one priority. All Théorème clients are provided with an online access to their policies and claim files.