A firm on a international scale

    Held for more than 15 years by the group Daimler Chrysler (Mercedes-Benz), Théorème knows perfectly the stakes of an international program and it’s implementation.
    This experience combined with a powerful network of partners enables today Théorème to guide you wherever and at any stage of your development.


Théorème conducts:

  • the analysis of the needs of the headquarters and its other branchs
  • the harmonisation of the coverages (between local coverages and global)
  • the choice of partners (brokers part of the Wing network or historical partners)
  • the coordination of the partners’ actions

Today, Théorème is in charge of more than 40 international programs in more than 70 countries.


An integrated subsidiary in Africa

Théorème has participated to the creation of a new panafrican brokerage firm : OLEA !